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Our attorney is an Orange County immigration lawyer. She assists individuals, employees, companies, and employers throughout the country with their immigration law needs. From her office in Santa Ana, she regularly provides hope for people seeking freedom. She helps people lawfully become citizens, obtain a green card, or come to the United States on a temporary visa.

Immigration Law Overview

Immigration law can be divided into two enormous categories. Generally, an immigration lawyer is trying to help her clients obtain one of the following:

  • People seeking lawful permanent residence (green card) in the United States.
  • People seeking temporary residence in the United States.

Generally, an immigration lawyer must comply with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service requirements.

Green Card Lawful Permanent Resident

What is a green card and should you apply for one? How long will it take? What can you do if you become a lawful permanent resident? An experienced immigration lawyer can answer all of these questions for you. You should also visit our main green card page for more information.

  • Employment Based – One of the most effective ways to obtain a green card is to find an employer in the USA that wants to hire you. Or, if you’re a employer yourself, you can become a lawful permanent resident through the EB5 Investor Visa. This requires that you invest significant funds into creating jobs in the United States.
  • Family Based – Another one of the most common ways to obtain a green card is to have a family member sponsor you. If you get married to a U.S. citizen, you can come to America though a spouse green card. You can also sponsor a child, parent, or sibling. Visit our main family-based immigration page for more information.
  • Asylum – if you are outside of your country of nationality (e.g. refugee) and are unable or unwilling to return to your home country because of persecution due to your religion, race, membership in a social group, nationality, or political opinion, you may be able to become a LPR through asylum.
  • Lottery Visa – The Diversity Immigrant Program, often called the “lottery visa,” was set up to  issue visas to randomly selected foreign nationals who hail from countries with low rates of immigration.

Do you want to become a citizen? In immigration law, the benefits of being a citizen are significant. Whether a person becomes by U.S. Citizen by right of birth or through the process of naturalization, each is entitled to the same rights and privileges in the eyes of the law. To learn more about how an immigration lawyer will help you become a citizen, visit our U.S. citizenship page.

Orange County Immigration Lawyer Green Card

Temporary Visa | Immigration Lawyer

Foreign nationals who intend to visit the U.S. on a temporary basis are required to apply for a nonimmigrant temporary US visa. These types of visas, unlike immigrant green card visas, are less subject to numerical caps and are issued more frequently. It is easier to come to the USA on a temporary visa. There are dozens of temporary visas in immigration law. To learn about all of them, visit our temporary US visas page. Here are some of the main types of temporary visas our Orange County immigration lawyer handles on a regular basis:

  • Fiance Visa K-1 – This visa is for men and women who get engaged to a U.S. citizen. Known as the fiancé visa, it permits foreign nationals to temporarily enter the country in order to marry a U.S. citizen. The marriage must take place 90 days after the person enters the states.
  • Student Visa F-1 – Thanks to the student F-1 visa, foreign nationals can obtain temporary permission to come to the U.S. and pursue a multitude of courses or universities. In order to get a student visa, the foreign national must be a permanent resident in his or her home country and intend to return to it. Click for more information.
  • NAFTA Professional TN Visa – The NAFTA trade agreement affected immigration between the United States and Mexico and Canada. Under NAFTA, certain workers from Mexico and Canada are eligible to seek a temporary visa, which affords them temporary entrance for specific work-related purposes.
  • H1-B Visa for Professional Workers – The H1B is granted to employees who wish to work inside the U.S. on a temporary basis. Usually, workers in specialized occupations apply for this highly sought after visa. Your employer must be involved in this process. Click the link above for more detailed information.
  • Intracompany Transferees L-1 Visa – This visa is granted to qualifying foreign workers who are transferred within a U.S. company from a foreign location. The L1 visa holders are required to meet a specific set of criteria. Visit the above page for more information on how an employer and employee can apply for this visa.
  • Investor Visa E-2 – The E-2 visa was created to allow foreign investors come to the U.S. on a temporary basis to invest their money. This visa applies to investors from countries which have treaty agreements with the U.S.A., and who are interested in coming to invest in a business.

Deportation Defense

If you just found out that you, or one of your loved ones, may be deported, it is important that you consult with a immigration professional. Deportation is a scary prospect that may separate families and destroy income. Make sure you evaluate all your deportation defense legal options under America’s immigration laws.

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